Importance of Your Business Portfolio

A portfolio can be an important asset for any career. A collection of professional and high quality materials exemplifies your philosophy, skills, education, qualifications, training and experience. It presents an insight into your work ethics and personality. Overall, you can say it represents you.


Web designers must have a great portfolio due to the growing demand for visual and creative websites. Web Design is a large industry, which includes many sub-sectors like graphic design, content writing, application development etc. Often potential clients base their decision if they should hire you on the quality of your portfolio. As a web designer you need a professional and attractive website to present your products and services effectively.


The importance of a great web design portfolio

  • Demonstrate your skills – Many web designers still create websites without graphics which often falls short of what people are looking for. Your potential clients need proof that you have what it takes to create a specific design for them.
    If the client visits your site and does not find a any samples of your work then they will probably start looking elsewhere. Websites can be costly so your client will need some advance proof that you are capable of handling the job.
  • Building trust – Your potential client will develop a sense of trust once he/she sees your high quality work. In addition testimonials from previous clients in combination with a great portfolio can be a powerful tool for your business and generate more clients for you.
  • Keep rejection to a minimum – Every customer is different and will have different likes. Just like people have different tastes in clothes they will have different tastes in the type of graphics, images and layouts they like.

It will save you time and frustration if you can show your client what to expect before spending a lot of time on the job. Your portfolio will help your client to know the type of work you do and if they have different tastes it is better to pass on the job than to waste your time down the line.