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Search engine optimization ensures that your site is seen by your customers. Google alone encompasses over 8 billion Web pages. This is why a search engine optimization specialist is an essential element of any online marketing strategy. Let’s face it — even if you’ve created the most engaging, informative, motivational and user friendly site on the web, it’s all wasted if no one can find you.


Research shows that 90% of searchers never search deeper than page two. So if your company isn’t listed in the top 20 results, you are essentially invisible online. By the third page, you have lost 93% of your possible traffic.


Professional search engine optimization can also drive the right kind of traffic to your site: people who are ready to buy your product or learn more. Imagine walking into a trade show and having prospects line up in front of your booth with those cartoon thought-bubbles above their heads. “I am looking for…” “I really need a….”


In effect, you are lining up hundreds of your best prospects and customers and having them tell you what they’re looking for through the phrases they type into search engines.


By searching for your products or services, they’ve already told you that they’re ready to buy. But will they even find your site on the major search engines? Or will they find your competitor? That’s where Colorado Creative Designs, an Englewood SEO Company, can put you ahead of the competition.


The majority of searches (63%) for purchasing decisions over $50,000 occur between 2 and 6 months before a decision is made.*


Marketing your company online is still marketing. All of the marketing rules still apply to search engine optimization. It is important to segment your customers and be aware of their position in the sales cycle. This is true whether you sell consumer goods directly from your website or are a B2B company with a long sales cycle and a brochure site that drives leads to your sales team. A search engine optimization specialist will evaluate these and many other criteria in designing a strategy that is focused on the unique issues your company faces.


Driving qualified traffic to your site is just the first step — It’s also qualified traffic that is looking for what you sell and is motivated to either buy or call you. We focus not only on getting the right visitors to your site, but also on getting them to buy your product or become a lead. How effectively your site converts search visitors into customers is critical to your success online.


Colorado Creative Designs takes the mystery out of SEO. As an Englewood search engine optimization company, we help our clients understand how to use this powerful tool to increase the return on their website investment.

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