Importance of Using Images in Web Design

Most people are visual, therefore images are powerful and attractive elements to convey your business message quickly and effectively. A single image can have the capability to convey a complex message.


The main purpose of most websites is to convey a business concept. Text is only one way to describe your products and services, but graphics, pictures and the overall layout of your site can also be vital to deliver the message successfully.


Entering the visual Age


Today we are living in a visual culture, where 2.5 billion mobile phones with cameras are in use, so get ready to enter a new dynamic age of image creation. Pictures are becoming a ‘universal language’ because rapidly growing social channels (Facebook, Instagram etc.) have embraced the visual medium and are making it easy to share images online.


How to use images effectively


Images should be selected carefully for your website, the right ones can enhance user experience, escalate conversion, support branding and augment visual appeal. But not just any image will have this effect, there are certain criteria you should consider before making your image selection.


Use Images –

  • With a Purpose: Avoid using just any image to jazz up a bare page because users tend to ignore “fluffy” images that serve no purpose. They pay more attention to pictures that display relevant information about the subject they are interested in.
  • Real People: Surveys have shown that sites displaying real photos of real people are more persuasive.
  • Direct Users: You can use photos of real people to guide users. For example, the photo subject can look into a certain direction of your text or product, which will entice the viewer to follow the same direction. There are many other ways to guide the viewers towards your products.

If the image can answer the potential buyer’s questions about the product or service then you are using the ideal image or photo.


After selecting the perfect image that matches your concept, make sure that the image size is optimized or else it will slow down the loading time of your website.