How to Make Your Website Load Faster

Are you looking for ways to improve the loading speed of your website? Well, how fast your website loads can have a big impact of its success. Obviously people prefer to visit a website that gives quick access to the information they want. Improving the speed of your website can actually help you direct more traffic to your website. In this article, we will learn about a few common problems you should avoid while developing a faster loading website.


Substandard Web Hosting


The speed of a website mainly depends on your web-hosting server itself. There are lots of shared hosting services to choose from. The most popular choice based on its low cost are shared servers. Your website will be one of hundreds or even thousands running on the same server and using the same resources, which will slow down the performance of your own site. Thus, getting a faster web hosting service should be your first priority.


Uploading Large Files and Images


Avoid uploading large image files or other documents, which can affect the loading speed of your website. Large image files take too long to load, affecting the overall performance of your website. If you want to upload high quality images, you will first need to optimize them for the web.


Excessive Flash


With Flash and similar technologies you can create stunning effects for your website. Adding attractive website elements like slide shows etc. can be pleasing to the eye but they need to be implemented correctly. In this example, using large Flash files can certainly affect the speed of your website. Make these files small and relevant, most visitors will not spend the time to sit through a lengthy slide show.


Using too much JavaScript


JavaScript is helpful to add a good-looking and interactive user interface to your websites. Many JavaScript features require a lot of code. To handle such a big code base, a large amount of library files are created, that can in turn reduce the performance of your website. To avoid heavy JavaScript implementation, you can place specific scripts at the end of specific pages so as to improve the user experience or you can serve the script from an external source.