What Are The Elements Of Website Design

A professionally designed website is more important for your business than you might think. A well-designed website will:

  • Generate more traffic to your site
  • Convert more visitors into customers
  • Will rank better on search engines

Many websites in use today represent the respective businesses poorly. They often seem to have a similar, templaty design and people find it difficult to differentiate one company from the other. Here are a few elements you should know about that will make your website much more unique.


Navigation: A well designed navigation bar makes it easier for visitors to find the information you want them to see. It is a good idea to make your navigation as prominent as possible on your website and create sensible and intuitive categories.


Whitespace: This refers to the empty space on a web page without any content. Many website owners think that empty space is wasted space. However, whitespace can help to visually separate various elements of your website and avoid a cluttered look.


Links: The links on your website should stand out clearly and not generate on errors. For additional clarity you can create effects that show a different text color when a mouse pointer hovers over the link.


Typography: This is probably on of the most important elements of your website. You are not limited to the use of standard fonts only. Modern computers and mobile devices can display a variety of standard and non standard fonts. Choose two or three fonts at the most for a single website and use them consistently on all the pages.


Content: Whatever your business, your website is meant to provide information about your products and services and entice the visitor to contact you about them. Therefore, make sure that your most important content is clearly displayed and easily accessible on your website. Excessive decorations and busy elements can obscure content and make it difficult for visitors to focus.